Mr Joseph and Mrs Joice Lu – Canada

My wife and I had the great fortune of booking our trip to Bhutan with Yelha tours, and having Pila, the CEO, as our guide.

We were utterly thrilled with our experience and would like to return as soon as we can. The food, the people, the scenery, and the culture – all wonderful. Bhutan is a place where you really feel a strong sense of community and spirit, where the material world is in a much healthier balance (i.e. a means, not an end), where people are genuinely warm, and where you can wake up, look around and find yourself immersed in some of the most beautiful natural scenes imaginable.

It is difficult to describe in words the experience we had, and Pila ensured that our experience really was unforgettable and top notch. He (and by proxy, his agency, I assume) is highly knowledgeable, patient, and welcoming.
We saw a glimpse into the life of what it really means to be Bhutanese, how it’s adapting to opening itself to the world, as well as a deep appreciation for the rich history and culture behind this unique place.

We saw the old Bhutan – monasteries, temples, fortresses – and basked in the mythology around each. We saw the ancient Bhutan – beautiful valleys, unique wildlife, and the formidable Himalayas themselves.

We also saw the new Bhutan – young people at live music bars, the impact of social networks, and an example of great governance in a constitutional monarchy that we can all learn from. There will be changes, and while one can never stay the same, we sincerely hope that Bhutan will retain its strong cultural identity in light of equally strong pressures from globalization.

All that said, the process of visiting Bhutan was a little odd or even harrowing for us not knowing the context, and recognize that these factors were completely out of

Bhutan Travel Agent – Yelha Bhutan Tours & Travels control: 1) Prepayment by wire is a must and highly atypical – this to ensure you have sufficient funds for your stay and 50% of this fee is taken as a ‘tax’ that goes to education and healthcare 2) Airline schedules change often and information sources may not be synchronized – this concern is mitigated by the small size of the airport and more common-sense approach (i.e. if the airline typos your name or books a different flight than you or the agency have requested, it’s an easy fix, despite the nightmare that this error would cause in other countries) 3) Schedules in general are very flexible

– why hurry to be on time, when the pace of life isn’t to the minute Overall, again, an amazing and eye-opening experience – and this could not have happened had we not found the perfect tour group for our needs, and we hope that you will find the same in Yelha Bhutan Tours & Travels..

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